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Playing the hand you’re dealt

Ever feel like your brain is in a rut? Ok, glad to hear it. Let’s play cards sometime. Picture me: 14-year-old Bri, sitting at the kitchen counter top. Big bowl of ice cream. TV turned on to some secondary ESPN channel featuring the World Series of Poker. It’s the big boys table. It’s poker on … Continued

Kristen Wiig and Cecily Strong, SNL

I just needed some Wisten Kriig

Sometimes you just gotta hand it to what you know. And what I know, is that Kristen Wiig is the most amazing of all. Those who know me well know how much idolize Kristen and her abilities. Her characters and voices. Her silliness. Her smarts. I’ve seen Bridesmaids more than I can even begin to count. … Continued

Amy Poehler and Steve Carell are Emmys Snubs

Emmys snubs that I just can’t get over. Cannot.

Snub /snəb/ Verb rebuff, ignore, or spurn disdainfully. check the movement of (a horse or boat), especially by a rope wound around a post. -Google There are some things in life that make us cough with bad taste. Forget the horses, boats, and ropes around posts here. I’m talking about AWARD-WINNING people snubs. The Emmy’s … Continued


Saturday Night Live has a buddy. And it’s social media.

Saturday Night Live’s 39th season (2013-2014) was one of fresh talent. Why so fresh? There were a lot of spots to fill. Lots of key players decided to carry-on the season prior (Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Jason Sudekis) as well as a couple fan favorites settling their leave the season prior to that (Kristen … Continued

The Maya Rudolph Variety Show

Stop slicing bread. The Maya Rudolph Show is here.

Monday, May 19, 2014, The Maya Rudolph Show premiered on NBC. Of course, critics were indeed very critical of every component of the show, being that it had a lot to live up to from variety shows back in the 70s. Ratings weren’t as great as they could have been, so the question remains whether … Continued

Parks and Rec cast

Why I never gave up on the TV show Parks and Rec.

You know, because it almost got cancelled…multiple times. I’ve always been in Parks and Recreation’s corner. Ready with the water bottle and rag for blood. I remember this one time in college (circa 2009) when I was taking a TV production management class. The professor was discussing new TV shows and making predictions on which … Continued

TV Pilot Script

What does it take to get me hooked to your TV pilot?

I love TV. And I still love watching scheduled television programming on an actual TV. Does that make me weird? Oh absolutely! When I hear about new TV shows that are set to debut, I get really excited. The TV pilot is the first glimpse into a new series. It’s what network execs use to determine … Continued