AHeinz57 new homepage

AHeinz57: a website redesign for our devoted companions

Josh and I finally did it. We got together and said, “You know what? We’re going to make this happen.” Laptops fully charged and paws freshly wiped, we successfully redesigned a non-profit website together! This past weekend, we were super proud to launch the new website for AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport. This is an … Continued

Luna Smiling

Why I say “I love you” to my dogs

I talk to my dogs a lot. It’s my own language with them, full of english, some made-up words and weird phrasing. Let me give you some examples: “Hi honey, are you being ‘a good’?” (Hello honey, have you been behaving?) “Oh, Feen is bein’ a bean! He’s my Feen Bean!” (Finnegan is being a … Continued


Why process fits my personality

I’m one of those people who really likes a routine. Not necessarily doing the same thing everyday. No, that would be boring. But more waking up around the same time everyday, eating a morning banana with the dogs, driving that predictive 10-15 minutes into work, leaving at a suitable hour for lunch with the pup (pee … Continued

Luna - dog

Giving a little thought to imprinting and dog love

If you have been keeping up with the Internet lately, you should know that a new puppy has graced my (and Josh’s) life. Meet Luna We adopted Luna from Aheinz 57, a local pet rescue. We love our little girl, and you know what? She really loves us. When we first brought her home, we … Continued

Dog Nose

Stress, sniffs and the dog

Our world is incredibly fast-paced. In turn that means anybody with things to do gets stressed. Stress naturally falls in that space between the base of your neck and the middle-to-edge part of your shoulder. And it sits there and just radiates. And you think about it. Knead it awkwardly with your opposite hand. Maybe … Continued

Tucker and Duke, dogs, in car

A pup point: the strive for a balanced life

Can you believe it? I am a dog lover? I think they are the best? It’s true. I love dogs. Especially the big ones, and the seniors/senoras. Hey, there is history in those eyes! The key to a happy dog is a balanced life. Just ask Cesar Millan. Any dog can achieve this with the … Continued