The Ham Award

From Sioux City to Waukee: this is the Rhinestone Theater

Back in the day, my grandparents used to co-host a variety show with their friends in Sioux City. They’d get together every year or two to put on a night of fun. They would write their acts and practice leading up to the big night where they would compete for the “ham” award—a canned ham … Continued

ASSSSCAT performing

I saw ASSSSCAT and it was amazing

Sitting five rows from center stage at Carnegie Hall, a rush of tingling sensation hits my finger tips as I enthusiastically clap my hands. In walks Amy Poehler, Matt Bessar, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. I was beyond excited leading up to this New York City moment, but this is surreal. This is crazy! Real … Continued

AHeinz57 new homepage

AHeinz57: a website redesign for our devoted companions

Josh and I finally did it. We got together and said, “You know what? We’re going to make this happen.” Laptops fully charged and paws freshly wiped, we successfully redesigned a non-profit website together! This past weekend, we were super proud to launch the new website for AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport. This is an … Continued

pain diagram

Playing the hand you’re dealt

Ever feel like your brain is in a rut? Ok, glad to hear it. Let’s play cards sometime. Picture me: 14-year-old Bri, sitting at the kitchen counter top. Big bowl of ice cream. TV turned on to some secondary ESPN channel featuring the World Series of Poker. It’s the big boys table. It’s poker on … Continued

Luna Smiling

Why I say “I love you” to my dogs

I talk to my dogs a lot. It’s my own language with them, full of english, some made-up words and weird phrasing. Let me give you some examples: “Hi honey, are you being ‘a good’?” (Hello honey, have you been behaving?) “Oh, Feen is bein’ a bean! He’s my Feen Bean!” (Finnegan is being a … Continued

Kristen Wiig and Cecily Strong, SNL

I just needed some Wisten Kriig

Sometimes you just gotta hand it to what you know. And what I know, is that Kristen Wiig is the most amazing of all. Those who know me well know how much idolize Kristen and her abilities. Her characters and voices. Her silliness. Her smarts. I’ve seen Bridesmaids more than I can even begin to count. … Continued


Why process fits my personality

I’m one of those people who really likes a routine. Not necessarily doing the same thing everyday. No, that would be boring. But more waking up around the same time everyday, eating a morning banana with the dogs, driving that predictive 10-15 minutes into work, leaving at a suitable hour for lunch with the pup (pee … Continued

Luna - dog

Giving a little thought to imprinting and dog love

If you have been keeping up with the Internet lately, you should know that a new puppy has graced my (and Josh’s) life. Meet Luna We adopted Luna from Aheinz 57, a local pet rescue. We love our little girl, and you know what? She really loves us. When we first brought her home, we … Continued

Dog Nose

Stress, sniffs and the dog

Our world is incredibly fast-paced. In turn that means anybody with things to do gets stressed. Stress naturally falls in that space between the base of your neck and the middle-to-edge part of your shoulder. And it sits there and just radiates. And you think about it. Knead it awkwardly with your opposite hand. Maybe … Continued

Power of Story

Make your own box: Power of Story

At the Sundance film festival this year, there was a fantastic roundtable featuring four comedic trailblazing geniuses. Four people that have minds capable of absolutely amazing creativity and storytelling artistry. And that is a consistent slam-dunk in my playbook. The “dream come true” panel consisted of Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Jenji Kohan and Kristen Wiig. … Continued